Asset Manager

Amedeo Limited has been appointed as Asset Manager by the Company to provide asset management services to the Company. The Asset Manager will: (i) monitor and administer each relevant lessee’s performance of its obligations under the relevant lease (including such lessee’s obligations relating to the insurance of the aircraft); (ii) as the Company’s exclusive remarketing agent in respect of the aircraft, use all reasonable endeavours to solicit offers to lease or sell each of the aircraft on the best terms reasonably obtainable having due regard to the then current market conditions (including current industry and market practice); (iii) carry out mid-lease inspections of the aircraft; (iv) provide the Company with information and analysis with respect to each aircraft, including a quarterly asset monitoring report which will include recent developments and a forward looking statement including inspection results, events, any material information, significant changes, decisions which have been made or need to be made, events affecting distributions, and other major or pending events, issues or outcomes as far as known to Amedeo; and (v) if requested by the Company, acting reasonably, a financial model that would allow the Board to prepare or re-assess target distributions based on the Asset Manager’s view of projected cash flows and liabilities.

The Asset Manager has further undertaken that it will dedicate such time and resources as it reasonably believes sufficient from time to time to fulfil its obligations under the Asset Management Agreement.

Amedeo Limited has also been appointed by the Company, pursuant to the Agency Agreement, to assist the Company, and act as the Company’s agent, in relation to the arrangement, negotiation, review and the management of the acquisition of aircraft, the borrowings of the Company relating to the acquisition of aircraft (including any debt financing documentation), each lease and ensuring that the debt financing documentation and purchase and lease agreements are consistent with market practice in the aviation industry.

Amedeo Services (UK) Limited (authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) has been appointed as Liaison and Administration Oversight Agent by the Company, pursuant to the Liaison and Administration Oversight Agreement, to: (i) co-ordinate the provision of services by service providers to the Company under the Asset Management Agreement, the Agency Agreement and the Administration Agreement; (ii) facilitate communication between the Company and its service providers in relation to the services provided under the Administration Agreement, Asset Management Agreement and Agency Agreement; (iii) in relation to the acquisition of any aircraft, monitor and review the timing of payments and any currency exchanges to be effected in order to ensure payments are made in a timely manner; (iv) monitor the ongoing budget of the Company and the payment of recurring and certain non-recurring costs, fees and expenses; and (v) assist the Administrator in monitoring the balances in the bank accounts of the Company and, where appropriate, provide the Administrator with any assistance it might reasonably require with respect to making payments, transferring balances or entering into currency exchanges as appropriate.